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Accumbens microglia are sex-specifically altered by nicotine use and critically regulate nicotine seeking and glutamatergic plasticity

May 24, 2023 @ 11:00 am


Cassandra D. Gipson-Reichardt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences, College of Medicine
University of Kentucky

Hybrid Event
This seminar will be live-streamed via Zoom and In-Person.

Herklotz Conference Room

Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
300 Qureshey Research Lab

Zoom: https://neurobiology.uci.edu/event/ican-seminar-series-dr-tom-hnasko/

Nicotine use remains a substantial burden to public health. Neuroimmune mechanisms within the nucleus accumbens core (NAcore) are involved in nicotine-motivated behaviors, and initiated nicotine seeking induces rapid, transient plasticity (t-SP) in NAcore medium spiny neurons (MSNs). We have previously found increased pro-inflammatory cytokine expression and markers of microglial reactivity within the NAcore following chronic nicotine self-administration (SA) and during nicotine seeking, and that reductions in NAcore neuroimmune signaling are necessary for pharmacotherapeutics to reduce nicotine seeking behavior. Microglia are brain immune cells, and play a critical role in regulating neuronal activity and synaptic plasticity. Here we show that NAcore neuroimmune signaling is driven by nicotine seeking and consumption in a sex-specific fashion, whereby males and females display unique microglia morphological changes. Learn more



May 24, 2023
11:00 am


Herklotz Conference Room
Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 300 Qureshey Research Lab + Google Map