Mission and Objectives


Our aim is to bring together leading scientists from different disciplines to discuss groundbreaking questions related to translational addiction research.

What We Are Activity Working To Achieve

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To bring together the community of addiction researchers.

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Identify gaps in our current knowledge related to drug dependence.

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Determine most effective strategies in developing translational drug addiction research and treatments

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Address gaps in the current state of funding for drug addiction research.

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Discuss future directions in addiction research and our working group

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Develop a T32 training grant in Addiction Neuroscience.

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Promote the ICAN Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series.

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Implement the Annual UCI Addiction Symposium.

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Forge and develop strategies to implement collaborative research projects.

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Formulate ways to enhance career opportunities for young investigators and scientists of underrepresented or minority groups.

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To identify research strengths, most significant areas of synergy, and highest impact questions in drug abuse and addiction research for a P50 application.

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To create key center-based activities that will establish a national and international reputation of drug abuse and addiction research at UCI.